Our Purpose

We are proud to present The Healing Process, our bi-annual magazine that explores health and well-being through art and literature. 

Our journal is generously funded by the USC Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics. Find out more about the Institute's mission here.

At the moment, we are welcoming literature (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, photography, and art submissions for the Fall 2018 issue of The Healing Process. Please submit your work in the tab above, and feel free to contact us with any questions at uschealingprocess@gmail.com.

Our Philosophy

Health is as rooted in humanity as it is in science. As such, a great caregiver must have both the scientific expertise and a fluency in human emotion in order to accomplish true healing.
As dedicated scholars, the members of the University of Southern California recognize the importance of being well-versed in both aspects - the science and the humanity - of health, well-being, and medicine. 

In order to further explore the human aspect of healing, we compile the creative work of undergraduate students of all disciplines, medical students, residents, and faculty of USC, the Keck School of Medicine, and the USC-affiliated hospitals.

Our Goals

Most students interested in a career in medicine participate in volunteering or shadowing opportunities and go on service trips abroad. They have incredible experiences that often change the way they perceive medicine or their relation to medicine, but there isn't any opportunity for them to share such experiences with other students in a creative form. 

Our goal is to have students really think about how and why the activities that they do shape their desire to practice medicine, rather than just doing such activities to receive admission into medical school. 

In addition to promoting such introspection, we want to give students the opportunity to create and publish a piece expressing their experiences, thoughts, and lessons learned in relation to health and well-being so that their peers also have the chance to learn from them.

Our Passion

The members of the Healing Process are extremely excited to share this special magazine with you and our extended USC community.

However, we need YOUR help in helping this magazine thrive and continually prosper. Please help us spread the message of the art of healing. 

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